Fanvil Launches CA400 All-in-One Conference Solution to Cater for Small-to-Medium Rooms


Shenzhen, China – March 20th, 2024 - As the sub-brand of Fanvil, LINKVIL focuses on the research and development of A&V-IoT wireless communication products. Today, it announced to roll out a new series of CA400 All-in-one Conference Solution. The solution includes Screen-sharing Speakerphone, Camera and Receiver Hub.

After the pandemic, hybrid working becomes a very popular model for enterprises, CA400 is such a set of equipment designed specifically for small and medium-sized meeting rooms. It consists of three parts: CM70 4K UHD camera, RC10, the receiver hub, and MS10, the screen-sharing speakerphone. It perfectly addresses issues that trouble IT and users, such as complicated deployment, device incompatibility, and network security risks. Let's delve into its various features and usages together.


Wireless Screen Sharing

CA400's standout feature lies in its wireless capability. With MS10 and RC10 relying solely on Wi-Fi for signal transmission, there's no need for extra cabling or software downloads, ensuring a tidy and streamlined office setup. MS10 offers plug-and-play convenience, requiring just a gentle press to indulge in seamless 4K screen projection.


Deployment in the Simple Way

CA400 takes only three steps to get everything work: Connect HDMI of the display to RC10 and power it up with the adapter in the box. Then, connect CM70 camera to RC10 with USB. The last step, plug MS10’s USB cable to the PC and users can enjoy an wireless conferencing environment for screen-sharing and high quality camera in the meeting. It is worth mentioning that the package includes an H2C adapter. In the event that some older PCs or laptops lack a Type-C port, users can use this adapter to plug in HDMI and USB, effectively avoiding compatibility issues with devices.


Outstanding Performance, Extraordinary Audiovisual Experience

CM70 is a 4K UHD camera featuring a 118-degree ultra-wide-angle lens and 8-megapixel effective pixels for clear image quality. It supports auto-framing, and users can adjust direction and focal length with an OSD remote control.


On the audio front, MS10 excels with its powerful 3W vocal-enhanced speaker, ideal for small-to-mid meeting rooms. The 8-array omnidirectional mics offer a generous 4-meter voice pickup range, and features like AEC (Acoustic Echo Cancellation), ANS (Automatic Noise Suppression), and AGC (Automatic Gain Control) are enabled to ensure optimal voice input. Together, CM70 and MS10 deliver an immersive and professional audiovisual experience for your conference needs.


Furthermore, CA400 is compatible with popular Unified Communications (UC) services and video conferencing software, allowing you to start your meetings without any limitations. The unveiling of this all-in-one conference solution signifies a momentous milestone for Fanvil. We are committed to consistently delivering high-quality hybrid collaboration products to enhance enterprise operational efficiency and provide you with a superior office experience. Please stay tuned for more updates!

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